Also on Bo Hon Island, 14 kilometers south of Bai Chay Beach, is Luon Cave. In front of the cave is Con Rua (Turtle) Islet, and Sky Gate is on the right. Here cliffs emerge from tranquil blue water. An arched entrance leads to the cave, just at the base of the island. Once inside, you are surrounded by treacherous stone walls and lush trees. Embedded in the cliff walls are traces of fossils of freshwater snails, suggesting people lived in what might have been a deep valley once. Troops of monkeys scatter about, weeping fig shades the landscape, and orchids drop their sweet-scented flowers. In the brackish water, species of shrimp, fish, crab, and cuttlefish abound. This enclosed group of islands connects with the sea via a four-meter-wide, 100-meter-long, and three-meter-high mouth. The size and form of the site, the color of the water, and the view of the skies make for a memorable visit.

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