Ba Ham Lake, 25 kilometers from the shore, is found on Dau Be (Calf Head) Island in Lan Ha Bay, on the southwest and farthest side of Halong Bay, bordering the immense area of Long Chau Sea. Ba Ham Lake is situated in the middle of a narrow, rectangular area, with all four sides enclosed by vertical cliffs. The entrance is a semicircle hole in the flat stone wall on the northwestern side of the island, four to five meters above the sea. The lake is a system of three wide and round pits, linked together by a narrow, meandering tunnel. Myriad stalactites hang from the ceiling in strange shapes. On the quiet island, one can find orchids, weeping figs, banyans, and cyads, which blossom throughout the year. Among the creatures that live here are yellow-haired monkeys, birds such as silver-headed parrots, flying squirrels, and bats. Shoals of fish swim in the deep yet clear water.

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