When is the best time to visit Halong Bay?

Generally, Halong Bay is great to visit any time of year. However, dry season from October to December and springtime from February to May are best in terms of weather. If you are a budget-minded traveler, choose the off-season from May to September, when there are many cruise deals.

What should I bring along?

Your passport! Port Authority registration requires that you provide an original passport for travel. Some cash or major credit cards will be useful, as drinks are not included in your trip payment. Please see our Itineraries page for more suggestions on appropriate items to pack.

Will I need a visa?

When you enter Vietnam, you are already required to possess a valid visa and other traveler documents. Besides a passport, you do not need special documents to cruise around Halong Bay.

  • What should I wear? 

No special dress code is required on our Halong cruises, though we encourage you to dress up if you are celebrating an occasion. For sightseeing, kayaking and water activities, please bring a hat, sunglasses, bathing suit, eco-friendly sunscreen, a beach towel, and change of clothes. Comfortable shoes or sandals are recommended for visits and hikes. In winter, warm clothes and wind resistant jackets are highly recommended as the temperature at sea can be very chilly. Rain showers are common throughout the year.

Can children take the cruise trip?

Absolutely, all cruises offer extra cots for children to accommodate them in the cabin. Cribs are also available on selected cruises. Each cabin sleeps a maximum of 2 adults. Family cabins are also available. As soon as you have made your reservation, please make a note directly in the booking in order to check availability and reserve a cot or family cabin.

What is your rate for children?

We offer discounts for children. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more details.

Can I go on the cruise if I am pregnant?

You are very welcome to join us, as long as you have not entered the 37th week of your pregnancy by the beginning of the cruise. Please let us know how far along your pregnancy is (in weeks) and confirm that you are in good health and are not experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. In any case, please inform us of the status of your pregnancy so that we can take good care of you. We strongly recommend that you review your health insurance coverage before your cruise.

What time does the tour start and end?

Most cruises leave the harbor at noon and return before noon the next day or 2 days after that, depending on the trip that you book. To meet the cruise schedule, be prepared to be in Hanoi before 8:00 AM, since it takes at least 3.5 hours to reach the harbor. If you are late, some cruises offer tender service to take you to the large vessel.

Will the bus pick me up from my hotel?

Yes, you can arrange for pick-up within Hanoi’s Old Quarter, downtown or from 5-star hotel areas.

What activities are there besides sightseeing while I’m at sea?

There are plenty of things you can do while on board. We organize Tai Chi class for morning exercise, host a cooking demonstration, and provide entertainment facilities at night. Depending on your stamina, you may choose to hike, kayak or take a sampan ride.

What kind of food is served on-board? 

Do I need to bring my own food if I have a special diet?

Lunches and dinners served on-board are typically Vietnamese. Our produce tends to beorganic and locally sourced. All dishes are prepared on-board, home-style, by our experienced chefs. Our regular set menus are created from fresh seafood available in the Bay. Non-seafood eaters or vegetarian diners will be served tasty alternative dishes. Please indicate your dietary restrictions at the time of booking so that we can prepare appropriate meals for you.

  • How is Vietnamese food served?

Vietnamese meals are moments of sharing and conviviality. Guests sit at tables of 4 or 6. All dishes are put in the middle of the table at the same time. That does not mean Vietnamese people do not eat in a particular order. Usually, they start with salads, then rolls and nem, and then dig in to the main dishes. They eat rice later, as accompaniment to the main dishes. By the end of the meal, they drink broth. Every dish comes with its particular side sauce or seasoning dip. Dessert is a selection of seasonal fruits.

Should I tip?

There is no formality on tipping in Vietnam. As long as you are happy with the service, you can always show your gratitude. However, do not feel obliged to do so.

Can I smoke on board?

For all passengers’ comfort and safety, we prohibitsmoking inside the cabins and in the restaurant. Smoke detectors are part of our safety systems. Passengers are invited to smoke on the upper deck and to leave cigarette butts in the ashtrays provided.

Will I be able to access the internet while on-board?

The whole bay is covered by 3G except for the southern end near Lan Ha Bay, where most of the kayaking activities take place.

Can I book a private cruise or theme cruise?

You can charter our boats for private or theme cruises. Please contact us for more information.

Why are all the boats white?

In January 2012, authorities of Quang Ninh province decided to renew the image of Halong Bay and build an international brand. Since then, all cruise ships must be white with brown sails.

How should I make a payment?

Payments can be made by major credit card or by bank transfer. Please refer to our Payment Methods page for more details.

Is there an advantage to reserving early?

Yes. When you reserve early, you have access to a greater selection of accommodations, ensuring you get just the stateroom or suite you prefer on your voyage.

What is your cancellation policy?

If the weather turns stormy, the Port Authority might deny us a permit to sail and we will have to cancel the cruise. Please check our Terms and Conditions for more details.